Sense organs and the inner centre

Q:  Is every sense organ connected, like the eye, with an inner centre?

Yes. After all, the distinctions we make between mental, vital and physical are not quite true: they are not separate parts — they are all one. And I think the Vedic Rishis found out a great truth when they spoke of the Sun in the physical as one with the highest Sun. After all, the physical is as much a manifestation of the Higher Force as anything else and I do not understand why we should not expect in it similar powers.

I had myself a remarkable experience of the psychic sight. I was at Baroda, my psychic sight was not fully developed and I was trying to develop it by dwelling upon the after-image and also by attending to the interval between wakefulness and sleep. Then I saw this round circle of light and when I began prāṇāyāma it became very much intensified.

– Sri Aurobindo