Heal with her feet the aching throb of life

The occasion was 24th April 1956. In 1955, the Mother had spoken to me about the manifestation of the Supermind which, she was expecting, would take place on 24th April 1956. But then it manifested on 29th February 1956 and on the 24th of April that year it was first announced.

Nishikanta had written to the Mother to keep him alive till that date and the Mother had given him her word. Now there were only three more days to go and he was on his death-bed. Somehow he survived till the Darshan day. Just after the darshan was over, we brought him on a stretcher for the Mother’s darshan. The stretcher was placed at the foot of the staircase. She came down followed by Pranab and others. We raised the stretcher. Nishikanta stretched out his feeble hands. The Mother at once clutched them with both her hand and, drawing them towards herself, silently smiled into his wide-open supplicating eyes. Then with her delicate fingers, she smoothed his anguished brow, wiping away, as it were, all the dark karmic scripts from it.

Suddenly Nishikanta, pointing to his chest, whispered haltingly, “Mother, your foot here!” The stretcher was put down. The Mother holding Pranab’s arm for support placed her right foot gently upon his chest. Nishikanta pressed it with his trembling hands.

Sri Aurobindo’s mantric verse came to my mind;

Heal with her feet the aching throb of life.’

In the evening, when I went to see Nishikanta, there was no longer that fevered restlessness; the face and body breathed serenity. In a low voice he said, “That hell-fire within has subsided. Ah! The body has become ice-cool. Every cell is soothed with peace and peace.”

This was the miracle that happened before our eyes in 1956. Nishikanta lived on seventeen years more!

Ref: Memorable Contacts with The Mother