For the new year

The Mother: So it is going to be the new year….

Sadhak: Do you feel anything for this new year?

The Mother (After a silence): Things have taken an extreme form. So there is, as it were, an uplift of the atmosphere towards a splendour… almost inconceivable, and at the same time the feeling that at  any moment one may… one may die—not “die”, but the body may be dissolved. And so the two at the same time form a consciousness (Mother shakes her head)… all the old things seem puerile, childish, unconscious—within there… it is tremendous and wonderful.

So, the body, the body has one prayer—and it is always the same:

Make me worthy of knowing Thee,

Make me worthy of serving Thee,

Make me worthy of being Thee.

I feel in myself a growing force… but it is of a new quality… in silence and in contemplation.

Nothing is impossible (Mother opens her hands upward).

Ref: Notes on the way