Difficulties in Work

I have been feeling for quite some time that I should limit my outward activity and confine myself to quiet work where I have not to do much running about.

I am facing some kind of inner crisis. My life is becoming aimless. A persistent dream warns me of my inner instability. It is my urgent necessity that I should achieve inner poise and stability. The obscurity and heavy inertia must diminish.

If the Mother would permit me I would like to be free from my department work. However I shall do as the Mother directs me. Kindly guide me.


If you leave the department, the work will be ruined! As soon as I have a moment free I shall call you in the morning and we shall talk it over.

The more I grow, the more I know that it is in work that Sri Aurobindo’s integral yoga is best done.

Love and blessings.

9 October 1966

Ref : Words of The Mother Vol. II