The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Alone Her hands can change Time

At the head she stands of birth and toil and fate, In their slow round the cycles turn to her call; Alone her hands can change […]

The guidance from above

A hand from some Greatness opened her heart’s locked doors And showed the work for which her strength was born. Ref: Savitri
Darshan Card 15 August 2018 (2/4)

Towards a greater destiny

O Force-compelled, Fate-driven earth-born race, O petty adventurers in an infinite world And prisoners of a dwarf humanity, How long will you tread the circling tracks […]

The Master of existence

The master of existence lurks in us And plays at hide-and-seek with his own Force; In Nature’s instrument loiters secret God. The Immanent lives in man […]

What is Pain…What purpose does it serve?

Pain was the first-born of the Inconscience Which was thy body’s dumb original base; Already slept there pain’s subconscient shape: A shadow in a shadowy tenebrous […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Life is a paradox with God for key

A mutual debt binds man to the Supreme: His nature we must put on as he put ours; We are sons of God and must be […]
Sri Aurobindo

Mind is only a means and body a tool

But only when we break through Matter’s wall In that spiritual vastness can we stand Where we can live the masters of our world And mind […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

A vast surrender

This Light comes not by struggle or by thought; In the mind’s silence the Transcendent acts And the hushed heart hears the unuttered Word. A vast […]
Painting by Priti Das Gupta

All could be done no mortal will can dare

All could be seen that shuns the mortal eye, All could be known the mind has never grasped; All could be done no mortal will can […]