Aspiration – not just in the body

..what you call “aspiration” is a movement of your psychic consciousness, mentally formulated and supported by the vital – but it ISN’T YOUR BODY. And it’s only if you are very attentive to the vibration of the cells, if you are accustomed to observing them and feeling them that you can see. Well, I don’t know, but I can’t complain about my body’s cells…. You know, it isn’t a perception, it isn’t a sensation, it is … a LIVED FAITH in the existence of the Supreme alone – you know, a faith that it’s the only Reality and the only Existence. Just that, and everything seems to swell up, as if all these cells were swelling up with such joy! … Only, it doesn’t take the form of a feeling, not even of a sensation, even less of a thought; so if you aren’t very attentive, you don’t notice it. 

..It isn’t easy to observe, you must be very, very, very detached from the movement of thought, otherwise you don’t notice it. But if you see it, you see that even those cells are there waiting for the Thing. 

Ref: The Mother’s Agenda