Three Major Ways

For those who want always to progress, there are three major ways of progressing:

(1) To widen the field of one’s consciousness.

(2) To understand ever better and more completely what one knows.

(3) To find the Divine and surrender more and more to his Will.


In other words, this means:

(1) To constantly enrich the possibilities of the instrument.

(2) To ceaselessly perfect the functioning of this instrument.

(3) To make this instrument increasingly receptive and obedient to the Divine.


To learn to understand and do more and more things. To purify oneself of all that prevents one from being totally surrendered to the Divine. To make one’s consciousness more and more receptive to the Divine Influence.

One could say: to widen oneself more and more, to deepen oneself more and more, to surrender oneself more and more completely.


Ref : Some Answers from The Mother