Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Divine Assurance

There is no one for whom it is impossible to realise the divine. Only, for some it will take many, many lives, whereas there are others […]

Growing of Men into spiritual beings

A heavenlier passion shall upheave men’s lives, Their mind shall share in the ineffable gleam, Their heart shall feel the ecstasy and the fire. Earth’s bodies […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Judging Others

Whenever somebody is not just according to the usual pattern, if all the parts and activities in him have not the usual balance, if some faculties […]

Isolation from External influences

The only way to become a conscious being, to be oneself, is to unite with the divine Self that is in all. For that, we must, […]

Conditions for profiting from spiritual guidance

There are three conditions for a disciple for profiting fully from his relation to a spiritual guide. 1st: He must accept him entirely and him alone […]