Prayer for Help and Gratitude

Mother, I have always thought, in what way could I show my gratitude, my gratefulness towards You?

‘To me!. .. Ah! This is a privilege to which I have no right. For no one takes the trouble. If there is a difficulty, an obstacle or an attack, at once they send a prayer to me, a supplication for help: “Please save me. Please protect me”, or even in order to surmount the difficulties: “Mother, come to our help. Stretch out your hands to protect us. Extend your compassion. Have pity on us. “ And when the Grace has accomplished its work, the benevolent power that She is … then, never a word of gratitude for the thousand and one things that I constantly accomplish for them. When I protect them, or surmount a difficulty for them, not a word after that…. When the Grace has done everything for them, -saved them, protected them, and has overcome all the difficulties, -not a word which goes up from below. Forgotten immediately. It makes no difference to them that there was a formidable force that had pulled them out of danger, without which how could they have been saved and how could they remain safe and at peace! Phew! Forgotten and gone without leaving a trace on them; the great miraculous phenomenon which had saved them, they do not remember… The attitude of gratefulness is really neglected, an act that is not to be found in the world. At least, it is very rare… Hmm! To be grateful! That is the difference.

Ref : The Supreme