The everlasting Divine Presence

I have had an interesting experience…. Not last night, but the night before, someone, whom I shall not name, told me, “I am wholly down in the physical consciousness: no more meditation, and the Divine has become something up there, so far away.” Then immediately, as he was speaking, the whole room got filled with the divine Presence. I told him, “Not up there: here, here itself.” And at that moment, everything, the whole atmosphere… it was as though the air had changed into the divine Presence (Mother touches her hands, her face, her body), well, everything was touched, touched, pervaded, but with… the thing that was particularly there was a dazzling Light, a Peace like this (gesture of massiveness), a Power, and then a Sweetness…something… one had the feeling that it could melt a rock.

And it did not go away. It stayed.

It came in that way, and then it stayed.

And so the whole night it was like that – everything. Even now, the two are there: a little of the ordinary consciousness, as if in a mechanical way, but I have only to be quiet or concentrated for a moment and it is there. And it is the experience of the body, you understand, physical, material, the experience of the body: everything, everything is full, full; there is only That, and we are like… everything is as though shrivelled, a dried up rind, something like that, dried up. One has the feeling that things are (not entirely, but superficially) hardened, dried up, and that is why you do not feel That. That is why you do not feel Him; otherwise, all is That, That, there is nothing but That. You cannot breathe without breathing Him in; you move, it is within Him that you move; you are… everything, everything, the whole universe is within Him—but materially, physically, physically.

It is the cure for this “drying up” that I am now looking for.

I feel it is something fantastic, do you understand?

Ref: Notes on the Way