Bring Peace into your body

“It doesn’t matter, don’t worry if you are preoccupied with your body: simply try to take ADVANTAGE of this – advantage of this preoccupation – to bring the Peace, the Peace into your body….” I am constantly enveloping you, as it were, in a cocoon of peace. And then if in this mind, too, which vibrates and vibrates, fidgets all the time (really like a monkey), if you can bring into it … it’s a Peace that doesn’t come through the higher mind: it’s a Peace that acts DIRECTLY in this material vibration – a Peace in which everything relaxes. 

Don’t think – don’t think you have to transform this physical mind or oblige it to fall silent or abolish it: all that is still activity. Simply let it run, but … bring the Peace, feel the Peace, live the Peace, know the Peace – the Peace, the Peace, the Peace. 

Ref: The Mother’s Agenda