Sri Aurobindo


What do do when disturbed

Q: Today I cannot write to you anything more as I am in a disturbed state. At this rate the best thing would be not to […]

On Sleep

Q: I fail to make out why my feet remain constantly fatigued even after sleep. Is not sleep a means to relax everything? I think you […]

The Force and restlessness

Q: Why does not the Force come down to help me in the work? I am getting restless. So long as you are in this restless […]

Ego at higher spiritual planes

Q: Some sadhaks say that as one enters into higher planes one meets with a greater ego, ignorance and falsehood. How can this be? It is […]

Separation from the vital and ego

Q: When my mind presses the vital and the ego for an inward turn, they start a revolt. That brings in all sorts of wrong forces. […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Eliminating ego

Q: In spite of my vigilant eye how on earth could the ego get in? So long as you had fully the attitude of surrender, the […]

24 November 2021 – Siddhi Day Message


Progress in Spiritual life

Q: When will my spiritual life take a positive and permanent step forward? It will happen I suppose when you are fit for it – i.e. […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Concentration with Eyes Open

I find it rather difficult to concentrate with my eyes open. How am I to cultivate this habit? It is so with everybody — unless they […]