A Prayer of Sri Aurobindo

Be wide in me, O Varuna;
be mighty in me, O Indra;
O Sun, be very bright and luminous;
O Moon, be full of charm and sweetness.
Be fierce and terrible, O Rudra;
be impetuous and swift, O Maruts;
be strong and bold, O Aryama;
be voluptuous and pleasurable, O Bhaga;
be tender and kind and loving and passionate,
O Mitra. Be bright and revealing, O Dawn;
O Night, be solemn and pregnant.
O Life, be full, ready & buoyant;
O Death, lead my steps from mansion to mansion.
Harmonise all these, O Brahmanaspati.
Let me not be subject to these gods, O Kali.


Ref : Essays Divine and Human