New series to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s sesquicentenary birth anniversary (August 2021 to August 2022)

August 2020 marks the beginning of the year-long celebrations of the sesquicentenary Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Centres of Sri Aurobindo around the world have been immersed in organizing many events to commemorate this special year.

From the team of In Search of The Mother, we present to you a small offering through our popular daily messages – AuroInspirations. It is a simple way to remember Sri Aurobindo’s words and inculcate them in our daily life. Sri Aurobindo has himself guided his disciples on matters pertaining to the daily confusions crossing the human mind.

For the next one year through AuroInspirations, we offer a series of the Answers that Sri Aurobindo had provided for Questions posed by Sadhaks. May these reflections every morning help you ruminate over the depth of His words and inspire you to inculcate and practice them daily, thereby aiding in our progress to the Supramental way of Life.

Let us celebrate the birth of Sri Aurobindo on this earth and join in the festivities by attempting to transform our body by making it a perfect receptacle to receive the Divine Grace.

Om Namo Bhagavathe Sri Aurobindaya.