What to do when the difficulty faced seems great?

Q: But what can one do when the difficulty seems overwhelmingly great? If you cannot do anything else, you must at least remain detached — there […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Ignorant forces of Nature

Q: How is it that, in spite of remaining aloof from people, one is still open to the ordinary ignorant forces of Nature? One is always […]

Mental Push in Sadhana

Q: Was it not a mistake on my part to associate aspiration with a mental push? What is the remedy for it now? I did not […]

Fixing one’s consciousness

Q: When I prepare myself inwardly to practise silence, I have noticed that I centre my consciousness by taking the help of the physical body. Then […]

Healing and Protection by the Divine Mother


How long would dark periods last?

Q: How long will this dark period last? All depends on how you take it. If you get discouraged simply thinking “things are getting worse and […]

Acquiring peace, joy, light and power

Q: We request you to tell us how to get all that peace, joy, light, power. The secret is to want it and nothing else. (Smiling) […]

Veil in the heart

Q: Is there a veil in the heart also? Yes, a veil or wall of the vital being with its surface consciousness and emotional disturbances. One […]
Sri Aurobindo

Function of Emptiness

What is the function of the emptiness?       Emptiness usually comes as a clearance of the consciousness or some part of it. The consciousness or part […]