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The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram


Mahakali can work only when there is a calm inner being and a resolute will facing without disturbance all the difficulties. When there is not that, […]
The Mother with Letters on The Mother

Mahakali and Maheshwari forms of The Mother

Mahakali can work only when there is a calm inner being and a resolute will facing without disturbance all the difficulties.When there is not that, then it is […]

The Four Aspects of The Mother

Four great Aspects of the Mother, four of her leading Powers and Personalities have stood in front in her guidance of this universe and in her dealings […]

Hymn to Durga

Mother Durga! Rider on the lion, giver of all strength, Mother, beloved of Shiva! We, born from thy parts of Power, we the youth of India, […]

I am Durga…

I am Durga, goddess of the proud and strong, And Lakshmi, queen of the fair and fortunate; I wear the face of Kali when I kill, […]
Darshan Card Sri Aurobindo Front

Conversing with The Mother

In your book Bases of Yoga one reads, “It is with the Mother who is always with you and in you that you converse.” Will you […]

On the psychic being

Q: What is the difference between the psychic being and the spiritual being? The spiritual being is God himself. The psychic being is the inner being […]
Sri Aurobindo

Why Inertia?

Why don’t the inertia, ego and desire decrease in spite of our sustained effort to change them?   It needs time, persistent will and effort and […]
Sri Aurobindo

On good health

Q: Suppose a man observes the laws of hygiene – will he not keep in good health? The laws of hygiene are more or less artificial […]