Sri Aurobindo

On Destiny

Q: If one is destined to die one can’t escape. There is not always a fixed destiny. Destiny can be changed. And there are many destinies. […]

Getting rid of unpleasant thoughts

Q: Mother, at times unpleasant thoughts come and disturb us. How can we get rid of them? A: There are several methods. Generally—but it depends on […]


Memory is a mental instrument and depends on the formation of the brain. Your brain is constantly growing, unless it begins to degenerate, but still its […]
Magnificent Sri Aurobindo

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo’s power of observation

When Mother came to Sri Aurobindo’s room for combing his hair, she informed him that there were six birthdays today. Sri Aurobindo said to Mother: “Yes, […]

Know Thy Master – Champaklal on Sri Aurobindo’s habits

Sri Aurobindo always kept his feet bare however cold the weather; he never covered them at night. They were always bare. Sri Aurobindo had the utmost […]

Heal with her feet the aching throb of life

The occasion was 24th April 1956. In 1955, the Mother had spoken to me about the manifestation of the Supermind which, she was expecting, would take […]

Know Thy Master – Champaklal on Sri Aurobindo’s care

After his bath in the evening, Sri Aurobindo used to sit on his bed leaning against the back-rest. On hearing the approach of Mother’s car returning […]
Sri Aurobindo Mahasamadhi

Know Thy Master – The cushion incident

After the accident to Sri Aurobindo’s leg, we used to keep a big cushion under the knee as a support when he extended his legs while […]
Sri Aurobindo

Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo on controlling one’s thoughts

Q: I succeed for a few minutes in keeping myself attentive, empty of thought — but then the sensations return with a new strength. I do […]