The Power of Sri Aurobindo’s name

And still deeper down in this purifying Flame resides Sri Aurobindo – Immutable Ananda, All-Powerful, the Invincible, the Supreme Lord of our existence, the manifestation of the Omnipresence in existence, the Omnipotence in His effectuations, the Omniscience of the Supreme Power manifested; one who is the Goal, the Master, the Beloved, – who is also the Supreme Lord.

When one truly calls Him, it is from there (Mother indicates the heart) that Sri Aurobindo answers. It vibrates by His Name, with His consciousness; there resounds the name of Sri Aurobindo because His imprint is there (gesture). In the very depths, it is He who resides. . . . All existence lives by Him. It vibrates by Him. The whole universe vibrates by Him. He is there in everything, vibrant and animating by His Presence. The delight of His Name penetrates and purifies all, rings and resounds everywhere in the sublime Joy, eternal and true. With His Name the existence takes on a meaning. To rediscover the Immanent Divine hidden in everything in this whole universe.

… To find Him is the eternal game. To feel Him is to feel the Immutable Peace of perfect Purity. To realise Him is to find the eternal Joy. To call him is to unlock the doors of Infinity.  This is the power behind the name of Sri Aurobindo.

Me, I am there as a Presence in the Eternal Flame, the Power that animates and initiates the action, the Peace that renders all sweet and peaceful, the Joy that overflows and sublimates, the Light that purifies, and the Vibration that sanctions. Sri Aurobindo is there as a sustaining Entity, and me I am there like a Guide. In fact, it is a same identity in two. One, who observes, – the Witness, and the other that effectuates, –  the Shakti.

Yes, my child, he who recognises Sri Aurobindo and me – in fact, it is the same thing, the same identity –  for him all obstacles, all difficulties, all traps, all the so-called interruptions on the march towards the Truth, are swept away and removed for ever – in this life, as well as after death and in the lives to come – till Eternity. Yes, for him, the Lord is all powerful. Only to repeat: “Ma-Sri Aurobindo, Ma-Sri Aurobindo”.

Ref: The Supreme