Am I doing Yoga?

I cannot understand whether I am doing Yoga. Can it be said that I am doing your Purna Yoga? Everyone who is turned to the Mother […]
Sri Aurobindo's Feet

Samadhi as a release from bodily pain and suffering

Q: Some Yogis go into Samadhi as a release from bodily pain and suffering. But there are others who don’t do that and bear the pain. […]

Fear and Yoga

Q: We must develop our consciousness in order to conquer death, mustn’t we? People think that as soon as they have entered Ashram they have become […]

Competition in Yoga

Q: What is the place of competition in the yoga? All that has to be dropped off if any real progress is to be made. The […]

Acquiring peace, joy, light and power

Q: We request you to tell us how to get all that peace, joy, light, power. The secret is to want it and nothing else. (Smiling) […]

Sadhana and inner consciousness

Q: If my physician asks me to take a diet of rice, meat, fish, eggs etc. (as I used to eat these before) and to cut […]

Progress in Spiritual life

Q: When will my spiritual life take a positive and permanent step forward? It will happen I suppose when you are fit for it – i.e. […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram


Q: To overcome the obstinacy of the physical mind I had better stop asking you so many questions about the sadhana, and only state what happens […]

Food intake in Sadhana

Q: My capacity of taking food is being reduced more and more. Is it an accompaniment of the inertia? You must not let that movement go […]