Surface consciousness of the inner vital

Q: All I can say is that I was having many incoherent dreams and visions—perhaps in the surface consciousness. . The surface consciousness of the inner […]

The mind and the vital

Q: My mind does not remain vigilant all the time. Perhaps it is because it has not the vital’s assistance. It is the mind’s business to […]

Peace and Quietude inspite of pain

Q: The peace and quietude are normal and so are my aspirations in spite of the pain in the body. Probably it is because you put […]
Darshan Card 15 Aug 2019 Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Artistic Look and Vital Look

What is the difference between the artistic look and the vital look? In the artistic look there is only the perception of beauty and the joy […]

Separation from the vital and ego

Q: When my mind presses the vital and the ego for an inward turn, they start a revolt. That brings in all sorts of wrong forces. […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Eliminating ego

Q: In spite of my vigilant eye how on earth could the ego get in? So long as you had fully the attitude of surrender, the […]

Progress in Spiritual life

Q: When will my spiritual life take a positive and permanent step forward? It will happen I suppose when you are fit for it – i.e. […]

Sensitive Vital

Q: Is it good to have a vital sensitive to others, exposed to others? It is neither good nor bad. It comes like that in the […]
Sri Aurobindo

The coming up of the vital and ego

Q: Does the present coming up of the vital and the ego coincide with the need of my sadhana, i.e. for their transformation? The ego and […]