The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Durga Puja – Victory Day, 1953

Today was truly a day of victory, victory over all that yet remained human in the physical consciousness. O Nature, I bring to thee force and […]

Transformation of nature and struggles in Sadhana

Q: Can’t one do something for a smooth transformation of one’s external nature with no serious revolts, attacks or falls? Yes, but it is not easy. […]

Change of Consciousness and Trasnformation

We want an integral transformation, the transformation of the body and all its activities. But there is an absolutely indispensable first step that must be accomplished […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Integral Transformation

The hope of an integral transformation forbids us to take a short cut or to make ourselves light for the race by throwing away our impedimenta. […]

The awakening of the cells of the body – The flu epidemic

During the flu epidemic, for example, I spent every day in the midst of people who were germ carriers. And one day, I clearly felt that […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Obstacles in way of Transformation

Q: What are the chief obstacles that stand in the way of transformation?   A: There are only three fundamental obstacles that can stand in the […]

Transformation of Tamas to Sama

The tamas is part of the general physical Nature and so long as that is not fully changed and illumined, something of it remains; but one […]

The Gita’s Yoga

The ordinary life consists in work for personal aim and satisfaction of desire under some mental or moral control, touched sometimes by a mental ideal. The […]

Rejection of difficulties

These things [the removal of vital demand and ego] cannot be done in that way [by a direct higher action]. For transformation to be genuine, the difficulty has […]