The four great instruments of Yoga-Siddhi

Yoga-Siddhi, the perfection that comes from the practice of Yoga, can be best attained by the combined working of four great instruments. There is, first, the […]
Divine feet of The Mother

Spiritualising the human consciousness

The human consciousness is made of many materials and all cannot bear quickly a constant spiritual endeavour—they have to be trained, enlightened, changed in their habits. […]
श्रीअरविंद आश्रम की श्रीमाँ

The power of concentration in work

Generally when men are in a hurry, they do not do completely what they have to do or they do badly what they do. Well, there […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Dealing with Time

In the most physical things you have to fix a programme in order to deal with time, otherwise all becomes a sea of confusion and haphazard. […]