Sleeping in despair

Q: Can one go to sleep in despair? As an escape, yes. There are some people who go to sleep standing. There was, for example, Rajnarayan […]

Sadhana and inner consciousness

Q: If my physician asks me to take a diet of rice, meat, fish, eggs etc. (as I used to eat these before) and to cut […]

Duration of sleep

Q: Is six hours of sleep at night enough? …Six is the minimum, at any time except in old age. The ordinary period of sleep most […]

What do do when disturbed

Q: Today I cannot write to you anything more as I am in a disturbed state. At this rate the best thing would be not to […]

On Sleep

Q: I fail to make out why my feet remain constantly fatigued even after sleep. Is not sleep a means to relax everything? I think you […]

On Sleep

Q: Is six hours of sleep at night enough? Seven would be better at your age. Six is the minimum, at any time except in old […]

Food intake in Sadhana

Q: My capacity of taking food is being reduced more and more. Is it an accompaniment of the inertia? You must not let that movement go […]
Sri Aurobindo's Feet

On an organised sleep

Q: The time spent in sleep seems to me lost. Is there no means of using it better? Is it lost? Everything in sadhana is not […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

An inner harmony to protect from illness

Medical science also now recognises that if you are in perfect vital equilibrium, you do not catch illness or in any case you have a kind […]