Sri Aurobindo and The Mother


Q: Rejection and detachment when there is a rush of difficulties are good. But I feel they are hardly enough. Something more seems to be needed; […]

Restlessness of the mind

Q: There is a constant turmoil in the mind, which can’t rest without some activity. Usual restlessness of the physical mind. It does not like to […]

The Force and restlessness

Q: Why does not the Force come down to help me in the work? I am getting restless. So long as you are in this restless […]

The true initiation

It is the opening of the consciousness to the Mother from within that is the true initiation and that can only come by aspiration and rejection […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

What helps in growth to the Divine?

You can at least know that anger, jealousy, envy, restlessness, despair, indolence etc. are not divine things and that purity, peace, harmony, zeal, unselfishness etc., are […]


The restlessness and early exhaustion of our active being and its instruments are Nature’s sign that calm is our true foundation and excitement a disease of […]

Find The Mother in work and action

You must be able to find the Mother in work and action as well as in concentration and silence. It is quite possible even if there […]

Reject Restlessness

The effort should be to reject the restlessness and its suggestions altogether. These things come to everybody in the early stages of the sadhana and are […]
The Mother with Indira Gandhi

Do not dwell on self-defects

The difficulty you find results very much from your always worrying with your mind about things, thinking “This is wrong, that is wrong in me or my work” […]