Inertia and the subconscient

Q: Today for the first time inertia invaded the body. That means the whole being is now affected by it. There seems to be some possibility […]

Resistance in the parts of the being

Q: I was surprised to discover that one part of my being can remain in light and truth while another part remains in ignorance and falsehood. […]
Sri Aurobindo

Why Inertia?

Why don’t the inertia, ego and desire decrease in spite of our sustained effort to change them?   It needs time, persistent will and effort and […]

Illness – a disequilibrium

In reality illness is only a disequilibrium; if then you are able to establish another equilibrium, this disequilibrium disappears. An illness is simply, always, in every […]
Sri Aurobindo's Feet

Re-establishing harmony in the body to cure illness

Each spot of the body is symbolical of an inner movement; there is there a world of subtle correspondences. …The particular place in the body affected […]

Physical ailments and the inner state of the being

Q: What are physical ailments? Are they attacks by the hostile forces from outside? A: There are two factors that have to be considered in the […]

Obstacles on the path of Progress

There are only three fundamental obstacles that can stand in the way: (1) Absence of faith or insufficient faith (2) Egoism – the mind clinging to […]

An absolute unquestioning surrender

“To question, to resist in some part of the being increases trouble and difficulties.” For instance, when the guru tells you to do something, if you […]
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The greatest resistance

Where is the greatest resistance?… In your head… ..This is not a special case. Most often what refuses most to change is the physical mind – so obstinate, […]