Practical Tips for Sadhana

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The action of Mother’s Force

When a sadhak does his work with the right attitude and calls down the Mother’s Force into him freely and directly, how does it act to […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Happiness of the psychic

It is that cheerfulness that we want to be always there in you. It is the happiness of the psychic that has found its way and, whatever difficulties […]
Sweet Mother Luminous Notes, Mona Sarkar

Listening in silence

Q: How can one learn to listen in silence? A: It is a matter of attention. If you concentrate your attention on what is being said, with […]
Collective Meditation at Matrimandir , Auroville

Setting yourself free

You can shift your place if you will; instead of being below, crushed in the machinery or moved like a puppet, you can rise and look from above […]

Quietening the mind

…you must say, as to people who make a lot of noise, “Keep quiet, be quiet, be quiet!”; you must do this when the mind comes along with […]

Condition for Progress

That is the condition of progress,—if, whenever there is an attempt to cloud the consciousness, you can stand back, remain quiet and prevent the clouding. Do that always […]
Letters on Yoga by Sri Aurobindo

Sign of the contact

The more the calm, peace, joy and happiness descend and take possession, the stronger the foundation. It is the sign of the contact. Ref: Letters on Yoga – […]
The Mother with Champaklalji

Simplicity and Faith

It is quite obvious that one of the most powerful means for acting on the body is faith. People who have a simple heart, not a very complicated […]

Remaining in the higher consciousness

The safest way is precisely not to go down, it is to remain above and from there to put a pressure on what is below. But if you […]