On the ideal conditions for Sadhana

Q: What makes good conditions for sadhana? Aspiration, untiring will, steady calm and detachment, make the best conditions. Q: Today I could control for a while […]
The Mother with Tara Jauhar

Real repentance

The truth is that when you ask forgiveness you hope that the dire consequences of what you have done will be wiped away. But that is […]

Difficulties and sufferings: a creation of human ignorance

First of all, one should know that the intellect, the mind, can understand nothing of the Divine, neither what He does nor how He does it […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

True Attitude on Discovering one’s Faults

Instead of growing sad and telling yourself, “Oh, there is still another defect”, you should, on the contrary, rejoice as if you had made a wonderful […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Regain your Faith

If you want to get back your faith and keep it, you must first quiet your mind and make it open and obedient to the Mother’s […]

The Divine establishment of knowledge

The doubt is justified by the past, not by the future. Until it is removed by knowledge, it must persist. There is a perfect knowledge at […]
Letters on Yoga

Receptivity of the disciple

To such a disciple (Arjuna) the Teacher of the Gita gives his divine teaching. He seizes him at a moment of his psychological development by egoistic […]

Striding forward with the Divine Light

LET us shun the paths that are too easy and ask no effort, the paths which give us the illusion of having reached our goal; let us shun […]

Correcting ignorance

Correcting an ignorance is like eliminating darkness: you light a lamp, the darkness disappears. But to make a mistake once again when you know it is […]