Sri Aurobindo

Surrendering to the Divine – expectations

Q: When one learns to leave things to the Divine, isn ‘t He bound to answer all our real needs? The Divine is not bound to […]

When to completely surrender to the Divine?

Q: Is not surrendering oneself to the Divine a process? Is not a complete self-giving achieved only when the sadhana is sufficiently developed? It is never […]

On the Universal Consciousness

Q: Are the Brahman and the Universal Consciousness one and the same? The universal consciousness is the universal Brahman — in it you see everything as […]

The real safety

There is only one safety: to cling to the Divine, like this (gesture of clenched fists). Not clinging to what one thinks to be the Divine, […]

Contemplation of the Divine

Do not fall into the very common error of believing that you must sit in an absolutely quiet corner where nobody passes by, where you are […]

Turning to Divine

Always you may try, but it is for the Divine to give you the fruit of your effort or not to give it. There your personal […]

What sincerity means..

Sincerity means more than mere honesty. It means that you mean what you say, feel what you profess, are earnest in your will. As the sadhak […]

The True attitude needed

I repeat: having faith in yourself cannot take you very far and it is certain that sooner or later you will feel a reaction and be […]

Avoid ugly thoughts

Ugly thoughts bring ugly feelings – ugly feelings take you away from the Divine and throw you defenceless in the arms of the devil who wants only to swallow you […]