Sri Aurobindo

Three ways to shorten difficulty

As for the offering of the actions to the Divine and the vital difficulty it raises, it is not possible to avoid the difficulty,—you have to […]
Sri Aurobindo

Neither rajasic Nor tamasic

Calm, discrimination, detachment (but not indifference) are all very important, for their opposites impede very much the transforming action. Intensity of aspiration should be there, but it must go […]

Mastering One’s nature

Detachment is the beginning of mastery, but for complete mastery there should be no reactions at all. When there is something within undisturbed by the reactions […]

Detachment by the Yogi

From the Yogic point of view one ought to be indifferent and without sense of ownership or desire of fame or praise. But for that one must have […]

Detaching oneself from the outer being

Detach yourself from the outer being; live in the inner; let the Force work from the inner being – it will change the outer being. Ref: Letters on Yoga […]

A detached delight

…Delight without detachment would be a very dangerous gift which could very easily be perverted. So, to seek Delight before having acquired detachment does not seem […]

Take refuge in the Divine’s love

There is only one way of getting free from life altogether, it is to go to Nirvana; and this can be obtained only by a very strict tapasya of […]
Sri Aurobindo Mahasamadhi

Self-imposed bareness

After realisation whatever the Higher Will demands is the best- but first detachment is the rule. To reach the Freedom without the discipline and detachment is […]
The Mother Mirra Alfassa

Connecting with the consciousness within

To be aware of the liberation of your soul means that you are sufficiently conscious of your soul to feel that something deep in you is […]