Fighting the dark periods

Q: During these dark periods what do you suggest that I do? There are always two alternatives, either to remain calm and detached and aspire or […]
Sri Aurobindo

On the Gayatri Mantra

Disciple: It (Gayatri Mantra) is a great Shakti but I do not know the meaning. It means: “We choose the Supreme Light of the divine Sun; […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

How to regain calm and peace…

IF AT any time a deep sorrow, a searing doubt or an intense pain overwhelms you and drives you to despair, there is an infallible way […]

Hold on

The whole thing is to hold on. And to hold on, I have found only one way; it is this Calm, the inner calm—a calm that […]

Descent of calm and light

The descent of calm and light which you experience is a sign that the sadhana has actually begun in you; it shows that you are open […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

An inner calm

Getting upset and impatient certainly will not help this bad period to end any sooner. On the other hand, if you can maintain a little inner […]

Nothing can happen to you

In all cases, without exception, whatever may happen, calm and quietude and serene peace and an absolute faith in the divine Grace—if you have all this, […]
The Mother with Letters on The Mother

Being reasonable

..before one reaches a higher state of consciousness, there is a stage where one can develop in oneself the faculty of reason — a clear, precise, […]
Wallpaper of Sri Aurobindo Ashram Mother

A Calm Rejection

For the buzz of the physical mind, reject it quietly, without getting disturbed, till it feels discouraged and retires shaking its head and saying, “This fellow […]