Remain Receptive

How is it effective on the outer physical and material plane? One way would be to open oneself to this higher consciousness and remain so throughout in deep meditation. One should strive to spread the Light and Ananda deep within and allow it to settle there. Imagination, if any, must be completely set aside for the mind to be free from delusions. The mind must be clear without movement, no longer breeding conflict through its wants and cravings; and when it is silent with understanding, in the light of that silence and peace, the Ananda can come into being. Then, gradually, the inner voice guides more and more and the outer mind forms the movements and actions less and less. The reactions become purified and truthful leading to positive thinking, an attitude for constructive hard work, honesty of thought and action which can reform and re-energise the actions.

A prayer said in right earnest and with an enlightened consciousness can then connect an individual to an infinitely greater Force, widen his consciousness and open him to such an extent that even one spark of this Force can spur him to stupendous actions.

Even when one prays sincerely for someone else, it constitutes a two-way flow of vibrations between individuals and also with the universal Force. The vibrations so generated can, through the ripple effect, cause harmonious vibrations of the universal Force (which is full of ail types of vibrations) and set in motion one’s love, compassion and similar feelings towards another individual who can actually feel and experience these waves.

Similarly, one can take advantage of the special receptivity in a very creative and  constructive way. Most people have within some obscure corner of their nature a wish to live a life of fulfilment, pursue something higher although they might not know exactly the what and how of it. Even in the abstract word thoughts can exist. By remaining receptive, open and adopting and accepting them at the right time, one can crystallise one’s own definite thoughts and actions. One can become a channel of the higher Force and Ananda and a willing instrument of their manifestation

Ref: Aspiring Swan