It is for the Truth, O Lord, that I implore Thee.

Once again make active this mind which fell mute in order to surrender to Thee, give it the knowledge of Thy will.

It welcomed and allowed all possibilities to take form in it; then in order to stop the conflict of their contrary tendencies, it closed the door to these unwelcome visitors, saying: “I don’t need to live actively, to know what Thy will is, Lord, provided that I can transmit the ray of Thy eternal light without distorting it.” So it was done and the will became submissive, one-pointed, precise and strong. But now Thou wouldst have the mind know, and Thou hast said to it: “Awake and become aware of the Truth.” Then the mind has answered with joy, and now it turns to the resplendent sun of sovereign Truth, calling it to itself in order to manifest it.

Thou wouldst break down all barriers, one after another, that the being may take on the integral amplitude of all its possibilities of manifestation.

Let all earthly desires come together in me, O Lord, so that Thou mayst consider them, and Thy will be able to work precisely, clearly, definitively upon the smallest detail as upon the whole.

Thus the advent of the awaited time will be hastened….

All the being exults in intense joy and unequalled plenitude.


Ref : Prayers and Meditations