The Mother’s interaction with Goddess Durga

I had a VERY interesting experience—it was last year or the year before, I don’t recall, but after I retired to my room upstairs ….You know that during pujas these goddesses come all the time—they don’t enter the body and tie themselves to it, but they do come and manifest. Well, this time—I think it must have been for last year’s puja—Durga came (she always arrives a few days in advance and remains in the atmosphere; she is present, like this—gesture as if Durga were walking up and down with Mother). I was in touch with her during my meditations upstairs, and this new Power in the body was in me then as it is in me now, and… (how to put it?) I made her participate in this concept of surrender. What an experience she had, mon petit! An extraordinary experience of the joy of being connected with That. And she declared, ‘From now on, I am a bhakta of the Lord.’

It was beautiful.

This formidable Power, you see—a universal Power, an eternal and formidable Power—well, she had never had such an experience before, she had only experienced her OWN power. She was used to receiving and obeying Commands but in an automatic way. Then all at once, she felt the ECSTASY of being a conscious instrument.

Truly… it was truly beautiful.

Ref: Agenda (1961)