Know Thy Master – Sri Aurobindo’s palm

When Sri Aurobindo was to sign and autograph books sitting on his bed, we used to place a table in front of him. Today, however, there was only one book and so no table was placed. I sat by his side on the floor and after the book was signed, I showed him my palm, pointed out one of the lines there and told him that I wished to see how far his line had gone.

He smiled, and showing his palm and asked: “What?”

C: “It is very long and it is exactly what X asked me to see.”

He smiled again and said: “Oh!”

Though I do not know palmistry I know the main three lines. On his palm I saw the lifeline fully extended. There were numerous other lines, distinct and very sharp; and there were high mounts.

Altogether a very interesting hand.

Ref: Champaklal Speaks