Difficulties are sent to us exclusively to make the realisation more perfect.

Each time we try to realise something and meet with a resistance or an obstacle or even a failure―what seems to be a failure―we should know, we should never forget that it is exclusively, absolutely, so that the realisation may be more perfect.

So this habit of cringing, of getting discouraged or even of feeling uncomfortable, or of abusing yourself and telling yourself: “There! Again I have made a mistake”―all that is absolute foolishness.

Simply tell yourself: “We don’t know how to do things as they ought to be done; well, they are being done for us, come what may!” And if we could see to what extent all that seems to be, yes, a difficulty, a mistake, a failure, an obstacle―all that is just to help us, so that the realisation may be more perfect.

Once you know that, everything becomes easy.

Ref : Words of The Mother Vol. II