Connecting with the consciousness within

To be aware of the liberation of your soul means that you are sufficiently conscious of your soul to feel that something deep in you is quite free, independent from people and circumstances, untouched by grief, displeasure or anger, always calm and with a quiet contentment. This feeling can come suddenly or progressively and can stay  for more or less time – all depends on how much and how often your consciousness is in contact with your soul.

The aim is that it should be constant, but this comes later on and little by little when all the parts of your being turn towards your soul instead of turning to the exterior, the physical consciousness and being caught in it. The best way to hasten this change is the habit of going within. For going within you must sit comfortably or lie down, gather and bring back all the threads of your consciousness which are tied up to all the people and the things around you, all that you think of, all that you want to do – etc, etc.

Once this is done you focus all your attention inside yourself, deep inside your chest and you concentrate there until you reach a state of peace and immobility. You may not succeed from the first time – but you will try again and again until you succeed. – In the state of quiet and silent immobility, you will be in contact with your soul, unite with it and feel free. Naturally with the practice all that becomes more and more easy and spontaneous.

Ref: White Roses