The Life Divine

Sri Aurobindo in his room

Buddha’s Teachings

This possibility of an entire motionless impersonality and void Calm within doing outwardly the works of the eternal verities, Love, Truth and Righteousness, was perhaps the […]

An Integral Spiritual consciousness

An integral spiritual consciousness carries in it a knowledge of all the terms of being; it links the highest to the lowest through all the mediating […]

Human birth – the turning point in evolution

The outer apparent man, an ephemeral being subject to the constraints of his material embodiment and  imprisoned in a limited mentality, has to be come the inner […]

What is the Mind?

Mind is not sufficent to explain existence in the universe. Infinite Consciousness must first translate itself into infinite faculty of Knowledge or, as we call it […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Surface existence

Our surface existence is only a surface and it is there that there is the full reign of the Ignorance; to know we have to go […]
Sri Aurobindo during his early years

Perfection in man

Man, too, becomes perfect only when he has found within himself that absolute calm and passivity of the Brahman and supports by it with the same divine tolerance […]

Enjoying the oneness of God within oneself

In its relations with its supreme Self, with God, the divine soul will have this sense of the oneness of the transcendent and universal Divine with its own […]