July 2021


New series to celebrate Sri Aurobindo’s sesquicentenary birth anniversary (August 2021 to August 2022)

August 2020 marks the beginning of the year-long celebrations of the sesquicentenary Birth Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo. Centres of Sri Aurobindo around the world have been […]

The sacred fire Agni

There is a sacred fire that burns in the heart and envelops the whole being: it is Agni, who illumines and purifies all. I kindle that […]

Live in the inner consciousness

Do not allow outward events to disturb you or be the cause of suggestions. It is as with the words of people and the suggestions they […]
Sri Aurobindo

The Inner Being

There is an inner being in man of which he is not usually conscious; he lives in a superficial consciousness which he calls himself and which […]

Three things to shorten difficulty

As for the offering of the actions to the Divine and the vital difficulty it raises, it is not possible to avoid the difficulty,—you have to […]

Faith in the Mother

Whatever difficulties there may still be in the outer nature, they will not make any difference to the fact that you are now awake within, the […]

The real safety

There is only one safety: to cling to the Divine, like this (gesture of clenched fists). Not clinging to what one thinks to be the Divine, […]

The true attitude

The true attitude is neither to be an ascetic nor to indulge in desire. The true attitude is to take in all simplicity what I give, […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

How to Speak

When speaking of physical things one should have a lively, pleasant, witty style. When speaking of vital things the style should be eloquent. When speaking of […]