April 2021

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Physical Suffering

Physical sufferings? One thing is certain, you know; I think this was in the system, in the nature, that it was invented as an indicator; because, […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The Mother’s blessings for good health

My dear child, Let your receptivity increase this year, to the extent of giving you the power to fully utilise the force that is at work […]

Fear and illness

You must not fear. Most of your troubles come from fear. In fact, ninety per cent of illnesses are the result of the subconscient fear of […]

Possibility of cure

My advice is not to worry. The more you think of it, the more you concentrate upon it and, above all, the more you fear, the […]

Living among others

Living among others you should always be a divine example, an occasion offered to them to understand and to enter on the path of the life […]

Overcoming the ego

In human life the cause of all difficulties, all discords, all moral sufferings, is the presence in everyone of the ego with its desires, its likes […]
Darshan Card 24 April 2021 (1/3)

Darshan Card – 24 APRIL 2021 (The Mother’s final arrival in Pondicherry)


Necessities of a sadhak

The necessities of a sadhak should be as few as possible; for there are only a very few things that are real necessities in life. The […]

The aim of Sadhana

All attachment and ego must disappear.No temptation of power, for power is given only to do the Divine’s work and the power itself is the Divine’s. […]