September 2020


Never hide anything from the Divine

If you try to hide something from the Divine, you are sure to fall flat on your nose, plop! like that… Ref: Some Answers from The […]

Detachment from the mind

The mind can become quiet only when you detach yourself from it and see the thoughts as things that pass. Then you don’t think yourself but […]

Living within

You must gather yourself within more firmly. If you disperse yourself constantly, go out of the inner circle, you will constantly move about in the pettinesses […]

The inner and outer consciousness

The exterior being has to become aware of the inner—the veil between the inner and outer consciousness has to be removed, it is only then that […]


Palmistry is a very interesting art, but it depends for its exactitude and truthfulness almost entirely upon the real ability of the one who practises it. […]

Call down the Mother’s protection

These things that come [in dreams] to frighten you are merely impressions thrown on you by small vital forces which want to prevent you (by making […]

Exchanges of Opinion

Naturally, all these discussions (or exchanges of opinion) are purely mental and have no value from the viewpoint of the Truth. Each mind has its way […]

The Subconscient

Has the subconscient accepted the Higher Consciousness?   If the subconscient were to accept the Consciousness, it would no longer be the subconscient, it would become […]
Sri Aurobindo

Nature of Integral Yoga

The nature of the integral Yoga so conceived, so conditioned, progressing by these spiritual means, turning upon this integral transformation of the nature, determines of itself […]