August 2020

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

To truly think – Empty the brain

..if we want to be able to truly think, that is, to receive, formulate and form valid and viable thoughts, we must first of all empty […]

The awakening of the cells of the body – The flu epidemic

During the flu epidemic, for example, I spent every day in the midst of people who were germ carriers. And one day, I clearly felt that […]
Sri Aurobindo in his own room

Sadhana of Integral Yoga

The way of Yoga followed here has a different purpose from others,—for its aim is not only to rise out of the ordinary ignorant world-consciousness into […]


There is another movement which should constantly accompany devotion…. That kind of sense of gratitude that the Divine exists; that feeling of a marvelling thankfulness which […]

The inevitable descent of the Supramental

If the supramental descent is decreed, nothing can prevent it; but all things are worked out here through a play of forces, and an unfavourable atmosphere […]

The capacity of the body

The body has a wonderful capacity of adaptation and endurance. It is able to do so many more things than one usually imagines. If, instead of […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

Fundamentals of Sadhana

Cast away from you these movements of doubt, depression and the rest which are no part of your true and higher nature. Reject these suggestions of […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

The need of Faith

The vital’s eagerness and its vairagya are shadows of this faith, forms which it has taken in order to keep the vital from giving up in […]
The Mother with Tara Jauhar

Patience and Endurance to organise our being

For man’s nature, especially his mental nature, has a spontaneous tendency to give a favourable explanation for everything he thinks, feels, says and does. It is […]