January 2020


Find all answers in Sri Aurobindo

If one reads Sri Aurobindo carefully one finds the answers to all that one wants to know. Ref: Words of The Mother Vol. I 

Advice to children

Some words to the children. 1. Never make fun of anyone if you do not want others to make fun of you. 2. Always act in […]

Indian Spirituality

The point to be pressed is that Indian spirituality in its greatest eras and in its inmost significance has not been a tired quietism or a […]

Applying what has been learnt

..you must take great care to apply at each stage, as perfectly as possible, what you have gained or learnt. If you remain in an indrawn […]

Harmony of the poles of our existence

The whole process of Nature depends on a balancing and a constant tendency to harmony between two poles of life, the individual whom the whole or aggregate nourishes and […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Surrender the will of ego

But before eliminating the will of the ego, which takes a very long time, one can begin by surrendering the will of the ego to the […]


…if you develop the habit… of calling as by a mantra, of repeating a word, that has an extraordinary effect. You choose your mantra; or rather, […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Recognising the qualities of a woman

Many men were surprised to see how easily women could replace them in most of the posts they occupied before, and to their surprise was added […]

Measure of Progress

You are almost entirely incapable of knowing whether you are making progress or not, for very often what seems to us to be a state of […]