November 2019


Sleep – Assimilation of the descending forces

You need not worry about that [the body’s tendency to sleep]. When there is a strong inward tendency, the body not being yet conscious enough to share the […]
Darshan Card 24 April 2019

Siddhi Day 24 November 2019 – Darshan Day message


Environmental Consciousness

Everyone carries around him an environmental consciousness or atmosphere through which he is in relation with others or with the universal forces. It is through this […]

The Supermind

Supramental nature can only be understood if one understands what supermind is and that is not altogether possible for mind so long as it does not […]

Vedic Hymns

One of the leading principles of the mystics was the sacredness and secrecy of self-knowledge and the true knowledge of the Gods. This wisdom was, they […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

Service of the Divine

There should be no straining after power, no ambition, no egoism of power. The power or powers that come should be considered not as one’s own, […]

Life – a perpetual evolution

Let us be transparent so that the light within us may fully illumine the thoughts we want to observe, analyse, classify. Let us be impartial and […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Raise your consciousness

The Mother has come down to work on the earth, not in another world. The thousand petalled lotus and the plane or world that corresponds to it […]

Darshan day Message (17 November 2019)

Keep faith in your spiritual destiny, draw back from error and open more the psychic being to the direct guidance of the Mother’s light and power. […]