August 2019


The Three Powers of the Cosmos

There are three powers of the cosmos to which all things are subject—creation, preservation and destruction; whatever is created lasts for a time, then begins to […]
Sri Aurobindo in his room

True Quietitude

The feeling of loneliness, udasinata, dryness and lack of rasa come very usually when the vital part is disappointed in its desires or tries to give them up […]


..recover your smile, regain your faith, become once more the confident child you were, do not brood over your faults and difficulties – it is your […]

Four Conditions for Knowing The Divine Will

There are four conditions for knowing the divine Will: The first essential condition: an absolute sincerity. Second: to overcome desires and preferences. Third: to silence the mind […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Endure bravely

Never for an instant vacillate in the belief that the mighty work of change taken up by Sri Aurobindo is going to culminate in success. For that indeed […]


Now there is only one thing to do: face squarely the necessity of the change in some part of your nature and – with my help – change. Ref: More Answers from The Mother

Abolish the Ego

I read to you what Sri Aurobindo has written: “Do not harbour the indolent illusion that you will be given the aspiration and the work will […]


A poor man is a man having no qualities, no force, no strength, no generosity. He is also a miserable, unhappy man. Moreover, one is unhappy […]

Gods – Formless yet have forms

As to the Gods, man can build forms which they will accept; but these forms too are inspired into man’s mind from the planes to which […]