February 2019


Bhavani Bharati – Verse 2

कान्तैश्च शृङ्गारयुतैश्च हृष्टो गानैः स छन्दो ललितं बबन्ध । जगौ च कान्तावदनं सहास्यं पूज्ये च मातुश्चरणे गरिष्ठे ॥ २॥ kAntaishcha shR^i~NgArayutaishcha hR^iShTo gAnaiH sa Chando lalitaM […]

Reason for Auroville’s existence

Humanity is not the last rung of the terrestrial creation. Evolution continues and man will be surpassed. It is for each individual to know whether he […]

Bhavani Bharati – An Introduction

Bhavani Bharati is Sri Aurobindo’s only poem in Sanskrit, written between 1904 and 1908. It has 99 verses in the “Upajati” metre which is an apt choice […]
Darshan Card 15 August 2018 (2/4)

Bhavani Bharati – Verse 1

सुखे निमग्नः शयने यदासं मधोश्च रथ्यासु मनस्चचार । स चिन्तयामास कुलानि काव्यं दारांश्च भोगांश्च सुखं धनानि ॥ १॥ sukhe nimagnaH shayane yadAsaM madhoshcha rathyAsu manaschachAra | […]

Recognise the friend and The Mother

You need not think that anything can alter our attitude towards you. That which is extended to you is not a vital human love which can […]

Dependence on the Divine Shakti

..a time will come when you will feel more and more that you are the instrument and not the worker. For first by the force of […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The only reward

There must be no demand for fruit and no seeking for reward; the only fruit for you is the pleasure of the Divine Mother and the […]

The Mother is always with you

The Mother is always with you. Put your faith in her, remain quiet within and do with that quietude what has to be done. You will […]

Achieving the supreme Love and Ananda

If you desire this transformation, put yourself in the hands of the Mother and her Powers without cavil or resistance and let her do unhindered her […]