The True Divine Love

The true divine love is above all quarrels. It is the experience of perfect union in an invariable joy and peace. Ref: Some Answers from The […]
Sri Aurobindo

Harmony of the being

The being is made up of many parts. One part may know, the other may not care for the knowledge or act according to it. The […]
Sri Aurobindo in his own room

Depression and despair

Fits of despair and darkness are a tradition in the path of sadhana —in all Yogas oriental and occidental they seem to have been the rule. I know […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

A wakeful consciousness

This is the only true defence: a wakeful consciousness, pure and alert, so to say, which does not sleep, does not let things enter without being […]

Change according to the inner perception

Vision is not sufficient; one must become what inwardly one sees. The whole inner life must be changed so as to represent perfectly in all parts […]

The Mother’s prayer to Father Christmas

Father Christmas,       I evoke you today!       Answer our call. Come bearing all your marvellous gifts. You are the great dispenser of worldly possessions; you are the […]

Origin of Bad thoughts

Bad thoughts?…. There can be several reasons for that. In fact there are several reasons. It may be due to a bad nature—if people have nasty […]

Complete Samata

Complete samata takes long to establish and it is dependent on three things—the soul’s self-giving to the Divine by an inner surrender, the descent of the […]

Changing One’s nature

It is perfectly possible to change one’s nature. I have proved that in my own case, for I have made myself exactly the opposite in character […]