October 2018

The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

“Call me, call me”

“My children, if you are doing something difficult, call me, call me.” No, not in order to come first or gain a victory, but so that nothing unpleasant […]
Sri Aurobindo and The Mother

The Mother – the dynamic aspect of Divine work

It is the Divine who is the Master—the Self is inactive, it is always a silent wideness supporting all things—that is the static aspect. There is […]
श्रीअरविंद आश्रम की श्रीमाँ

Look to The Mother only

The Mother’s help and mine are always there for you. You have only to turn fully towards it and it will act on you. What has come […]

Formulating the aspiration

Gather together the energies in you that are usually dispersed outside; concentrate your consciousness within, beneath the surface agitation, and establish, as far as possible, a […]

The true orientation in aspiration

The divine Consciousness does not work in the human way, It does not decide how many lumps of sugar you will put in your coffee. It […]

The true being

It is your own being that seeks for the Divine. The hereditary part is not your true being, but something you have taken up as part […]

A detached delight

…Delight without detachment would be a very dangerous gift which could very easily be perverted. So, to seek Delight before having acquired detachment does not seem […]

The will to be cured

It is usually when the body is convinced that it has been given the conditions under which it must be all right; it takes the resolution […]

A deepened Quietude

Your attitude towards the change needed and new life is the right one. A quiet, vigilant but undistressed persistence is the best way to get it […]