September 2018


Rely on The Mother always

The difficulty about the two parts of the mind is one that everybody has when the tendency to go within begins. It is solved in this […]

The absolute Yogin

Yoga has four powers and objects, purity, liberty, beatitude and perfection. Whosoever has consummated these four mightinesses in the being of the transcendental, universal, lilamaya and individual God is […]

Turn to the Force

Do not attach so much importance to mistakes or insist on your non-receptiveness and unconsciousness. You have only to turn always to the Force that gives you calmness […]

Divine Peace for Good Health

For your ill-health, do not forget to try to bring down the Divine Peace. Because no illness can resist the Peace of the Lord, and even […]

Oneness with God

Oneness with God, oneness with all beings, the realisation of the eternal divine unity everywhere and the drawing onwards of men towards that oneness are the […]

An equanimity within

You must establish a basis of equanimity within – the peace of the inner being which these surface movements cannot touch, – then if they come on the […]

Concentrate on what you want to be

Whatever may be the past, whatever may be the faults committed, whatever the ignorance in which one might have lived, one carries deep within oneself the supreme purity […]


Let the Truth be your master and your guide. We aspire for the Truth and its triumph in our being and our activities. Let the aspiration for […]

Endeavour to succeed in the wake of difficulties

Because a thing is difficult it does not mean that one should give it up; on the contrary, the more difficult a thing is, the greater must be […]