June 2018



It would be better to have some wisdom rather than an opinion, that is, to consider all the possibilities, all the aspects of the question and […]
Sri Aurobindo in his own room

Give all of yourself to Krishna

By meditation alone and trying to concentrate you will never succeed. There must be an aspiration from the heart and a giving up of all yourself […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Cease to Dislike

It is not that you have to do what you dislike, but that you have to cease to dislike. To do only what you like is […]

Make us Thy docile instrument and faithful servitor

Let Thy Light be in me like a Fire that makes all alive; Let Thy divine Love penetrate me. I aspire with all my being for […]

Remain in Tranquility

Aspire always for the mind and psychic being to be filled with the true consciousness and experience and made ready. You must aspire especially for quietness, […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Hope for the Future

What I see is the world of tomorrow, but the world of yesterday is still alive and will still live for some time. Let the old […]

The starting point of Yoga – Shedding Limitations

Lord, I lament my limitations… but it is through them, by virtue of them, that men can approach Thee. Without them, Thou wouldst be as remote, […]

The Origin of Genius

When the human being puts forth a force in himself which is considerable but acts normally, we call it talent; when it is abnormal in its […]

Offer your being to the Divine

If you truly decide in all your consciousness to offer your being to the Divine to mould it as He wills, then most of your personal […]