January 2018

The Mother Mirra Alfassa of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Keeping oneself open in quietitude

Why allow yourself to be overpowered like that? These fits of despair are quite irrational—there is no true reason why you should feel so despondent. Our […]

Never betray the Divine Force

The divine force is with you—feel its presence more and more and be careful never to betray it. Feel, wish, act, that you may be new […]

Conditions for profiting from spiritual guidance

There are three conditions for a disciple for profiting fully from his relation to a spiritual guide. 1st: He must accept him entirely and him alone […]

Allowing the Divine force to act

It is quite true that, left to yourself, you can do nothing; that is why you have to be in contact with the Force which is […]
The Mother of Sri Aurobindo Ashram

Aspire for constant contact

Aspire for the constant contact and the light. It is in the Light that the being will get organised in the Truth. Ref: Letters on Yoga […]

Dynamic meditation

Q: Sweet Mother, what does Sri Aurobindo mean by “a self-dynamising meditation”?  A: It is a meditation that has the power of transforming your being. It […]

Patience, Perseverance and Faith

There are always difficulties and a hampered progress in the early stages and a delay in the opening of the inner doors until the being is […]

Telling everything to The Mother

You must tell me everything very sincerely and without fear. Telling me everything very frankly brings you closer to me. Ref: More Answers from The Mother

Open the mind and heart

It takes time to open all the parts fully. Let the mind and heart remain open and the rest will follow. Clouds that pass and coverings […]